ADS-02: How To Completely Automate Your Blog Posts

Completely Automate Your Blog Posts – Without Relying On Crappy Content

: Screen Capture and Audio Session

Running Time: 4 Minutes

Description: This software is an aboslute must!  It's a tool that's worth it's weight in gold.  There are two reasons I like it so much

  1. It completely automates the task of adding QUALITY CONTENT to your Blogs.  Notice that i used the word Blogs – the plural.  While I'm showing it on this one domain called the software can automatically post your content to an unlimited number of blogs.
  2. It's very flexible and doesn't leave footprints.  RSS to Blog automates the task of entering 4 different types of content to your Blog Sites.  This means that you can very/use different types of content and different posting strategies for each site.  You're no limited to a single type of text content being added to a blog site on a set schedule! (the sure sign of a crappy content)

This video goes shows you how to get RSS to Blog installed on one of your domains.  Remember, one install can post to an unlimited number of domains. 

This 4 minute screen capture  video shows you where and how to upload the software using a FTP software.  Don't worry if that scares you.. I' walk you through all of the steps.


  • RSS To Blog Software
  • Fantastico Control Panel at < target="_blank" title="Web Hosting">My Small Biz Web Hosting
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