ADS-05: How Often Do You Want To Add Your Content

Adsense Money Spokes – How Often Do You Want To Automatically Add Quality Content To your Blog? 

: Screen Capture and Audio Session

Running Time: 3 Minutes

Description: You might have decided what to post in your Adsense Money Spokes, now is the time to decide HOW OFTEN you want to post.

Add content too often and you risk the chance of making it look like a machine is doing all the posting.  Too infrequently and you won't have enough quality content on you Blog to make the Adsense Site attractive to Google and the other search engines. 

In the end it's a fine line that you'll have to experiment with.

Here's my advice.

Start  slowly and work your way up!

Start running the automated posting once every 2 days so you have a chance to see exactly how your Blogs look before committing to the next post.  Make small mistakes during these early entries and you'll have a lot less to clean up.

The last you thing you need is a Blog packed with worthless posts that will have to be deleted. 

Watch this session and see the RSS to Blog software settings that control how often you actually add content to your Adsense Blog.


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