ADS-06: Get Your WordPress Blog Ready For Adsense

Change The Default WordPress Blog So It's Ready For Adsense Traffic

: Screen Capture and Audio Session

Running Time: 8 Minutes

Description: The Default WordPress Blog Them and Setup Isn't Going To Cut It! – Here's What your Should Do!

In the WordPress Mastery Course I went through 20 complete step-by-step videos that detail all the WordPress secrets you need to setup a killer Blog.  The next few sessions aren't meant to repeat those videos rather they specifically focus on how to setup WordPress for Adsense.

Follow along and I'm going to show you:

  • How to change the look and feel of your WordPress Blog
  • Where To put Your Adsense Ads
  • How To Get Your Adsense Account Open and Setup
  • How To Configure Your Ads

All without having to ask an expensive web designer to help you out.

With a simple login you can make all the these changes. Here is your chance to publish along with me.


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