Facebook Traffic Drying Up For You?

Big Brands are starting to leave Facebook, wondering why?

Listen to todays podcast and learn the secret to generating long term traffic for your WordPress Blog and protecting yourself from the ebb and flow of great free traffic sources.

Notice I said Free.

I’m counting on the end of great free organic traffic being free on Facebook and I’ll share the strategy I’m using so listen in.

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Stay Customer Facing When Blogging With WordPress

WordPress Focused Marketers Spend Less Time With Their Customers!

I know it’s tough.   You are by yourself, starting or trying to run your business and WordPress stuff keeps coming up.

What should you do?  Spend time managing the look and feel of your WordPress Blog?  Perhaps you hear about a new billing system or membership plugin that all the other coaches, speakers, consultants and marketers are using that does just about everything you need done.

… all it will take is a week of your time getting setup and running the way you want right?

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Hit The Long Ball Last

Are you marketing for the long term or short term

Description: I golfed for the first time yesterday with my son Greg. Greg’s new to golf and like any new golfer is extremely frustrated. While I’m not bound for the PGA, I can get around most courses without getting into much trouble.

Trying to explain how “golf works” to Greg I realized that good golfers are often good marketers. Think about your first visit to the Golf course or driving range.

Any hole-in-ones??? Did every club and shot come easily and without effort?

This is exactly the same as your marketing and business. It’s a learning process. Golf and Marketing use the same principles. Learn one and I’m betting you can apply how you’ve learned it to the other!

Audio Ads Inserted Into Live Internet Radio Streams

Get more traffic with Audio Ads

My Internet Radio station “Internet Radio” streams live 24/7 with WordPress and WordPress Marketing interviews, tips and case studies.  It’s almost like having a full-time salesperson at my disposal.

Until today my salesperson has been handcuffed by the fact that I wasn’t allowing him/her to do any selling.  I didn’t have any ads playing in the live stream.

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Create Unlimited Info Products From Your Digital Exhaust

Do you have a Digital Exhaust?

You bet you do and you better be capturing it!

Listen to today’s podcast and you’ll learn a simple way to create unlimited info products from your digital exhaust.

Here’s some examples of info products created directly from Digital Exhaust:

Next time your working on or near your computer/smartphone/tablet think about creating your next product.

Are You Being Snowed By Online Marketing?

This has been a COLD Winter!

We’ve even had a ton of snow with all the freezing temperatures which makes things even less bearable.   What’s making things miserable for me as an online marketer is that there continues to be a ton of customers still being snowed by online marketers who are making promises that they can’t keep.

Listen to today’s podcast and ask yourself if you’re being snowed next time your prodded into buying yet another product online.

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Crazy Profits With Domain Sales

I just sold my first Domain Name!

… with almost a 2000% profit!

Yep true story.

Most people think of selling a domain name like house flipping. You may have heard about traditional Domain Flipping where you need to have a “fixer upper” domain name and associated web site that you add value to in order to sell it.

The main difference between Domain Flipping and House Flipping is that House Flipping involves weeks and oftentimes months of your time to complete.


Domain Flipping works with your schedule, with out the risk and associated costs. For those new to the Domain Name world it can oftentimes feel like all the best names are taken and that’s how I made a crazy profit with one of my Money Spoke Domains.

Think of it as domain name investing. I registered this domain name as one of my Money Spokes and held on to it. It was truly an investment that grew over time and an unexpected benefit of the Hub and Spoke Marketing System.

Watch the video to Understanding this kind of Domain Value

Sell Courses Online Campus Tour

Tour our Online Courses!

Here’s a behind the scene look at how the FullContact Campus Courses work. Follow along as during this step-by-step tour where I go through:

  • How To Create A Username
  • How To Enroll in A Course
  • How To Expand Each Course and View the Course Lessons
  • How To Expand Each Lesson to View each individual Lesson Topic
  • How To Take and Complete Quizzes
  • How To Complete a Online Selling University Course and get Certified.


Unlike traditional “Blog Only” membership sites. A FullContact Campus is a true learning environment. Tour the campus and then start learning!

Autoresponder Attachment Mistakes

Avoid this common Autoresponder Email Marketing Mistake

Sending attachments to your list is a big mistake.  Find out why in this quick MySmallBiz University video tutorial.

Unlike sending an email to someone you mail to regularily, attachments pose some special problems for autoresponders.   This is especially true when you are trying to attach a file that is big like a video, mp3 file or even a pdf document.

Think about the numbers for a minute.

The PDF version of MySmallBiz Map is over 1 Meg in size.   Attaching this single PDF file and broadcasting that message to a list  – of any size, say 10,000 subscribers, means that each mail that I send out will will be 1 Meg in size X 10,000.

That’s 1o Gigs of bandwidth!

Even if you’re subscribers don’t read the message your host isnt’ going to be too happy.  In fact depending on who hosts your site it may even eat up ALL of you available web hosting bandwidth for the month.

This doesn’t even take into consideration the delivery rate – It ain’t going to be pretty!

So what should you do when you NEED to send an attachment of file to your list?

Watch this video and find out!

[jwplayer file=http://videos.mysmallbizu.com/msbmailattachedlinks.mp4]


Autoresponder Service: FullContacteMail.com

Managed WordPress Hosting: FullContactSites.com


Making Social Media Marketing Easy

Who really has time for all the Social Media Posting we’re all told we should be doing?

I know I don’t!

There’s a couple of cool tools and services I rely on now that make Social Media Marketing less time consuming yet still keep the personal touch that’s required for it to remain social.

What every you decide to do with Social Media Marketing automation it has to be:

  • Affordable and profitable
  • Real Social Media Content.
  • Mobile Automation Included
  • Free to Start

FullContact Press Social Media Marketing Makes it Easy!

Your Content Posted For You!

We have the expertise and the time to get Facebook and Twitter buzzing about your businesses. We’ll help drive traffic to your websites and increase your sales and visitor conversion rates.

Our content mix will keep everything interesting and increase your clients industry authority. We’ll even upload images, giving you viral marketing (makes your clients Facebook timeline look great!).

Plus any content you create will automatically posted to over 50 Social Media networks.  Add more value yourself by adding highly researched posts or tweets, or by obtaining more followers and likes.

Alternatively leave it all to us. Either way, we’ll take care of the everyday hard work.

You can find out more at FullContactPress