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Get Started The Right Way

  • Learn How to Build a “Hub and Spoke” Internet Marketing System that will leave you free to do business how you want and when you want!
  • Discover The Real Way To Use Keyword Brainstorming For Your Web Business. You’ll get the truth about “niche marketing”, “theme marketing”, “throw away web sites” and “Adsense NonSense”.  Learn what’s important upfront and you don’t need to worry about “learning from costly mistakes” later.
  • Get New Customers – More Commissions. It doesn’t matter if you have a product/service of your own. You’ll learn how to “Hub and Spoke” your way to a successful internet business even if you starting without your own product to promote.
  • Magnetically Attract The Right High Level Partners. Get ready for a slew of highly qualified publicity with endorsement requests, media interviews, and speaking invitations.

Force Search Engines To Shower Your Sites With Free Traffic

  • Learn Optimized Press Release Marketing, Blog and RSS Traffic Tactics.  Learn how to use simple strategies like, Trackback Marketing, Meta RSS Feeds and Podcasting.  Before you know it you’ll have Instant Google Rankings, Instant Yahoo Listings (no you don’t have to pay to get listed in, and the traffic your sites deserve.
  • Learn The Secret “Site Mesh TM” Formula.  Power your Google page rank higher and enjoy the benefits proper “Search Engine Optimization” brings.  Get this part right and you site will act like a powerful magnet to iron filings!
  • Learn “White Hat” Search Engine Optimization.  Never suffer from banned sites when you use these quick easy and techniques that catapult your rankings higher.
  • Use Simple Direct Response Mini Web Sites.  Turn your personal network of sites into a web of compelling content for every search engine and spike your traffic and rankings through the roof.

Create, Distribute and Publish Your Own Information Products

  • Apply The Fastest Information Product Creation Strategy.  Us this simple technique and you’ll generate so many products – your biggest challenge will be deciding which one you want to sell!
  • Become and Author Without Writing.  Discover what I learned about turning out ‘ready to sell’ products in only minutes without writing a single word.
  • Get Big Returns On Your Time Invested.  Simple elements added to all of your information products show you how to create a “a multiple passive recurring product revenue stream“.
  • Unlock The Keys to Multimedia For Marketers Find our how to create your own inexpensive private studio.  I’ll even show you how to broadcast your very own TV or Radio Station with FREE software! Duplicate yourself and create an avalanche of repeat and new sales from every product you create.

Start a Newsletter and Craft Compelling Content

  • Sell More Services And Products, Online And Offline. Your newsletter dramatically increases your credibility, making it real easy to sell ANY product or service you promote, including those of others in which you have a stake.
  • Become Established As An Expert In Any Field. Attract significantly more and better-qualified clients who are willing and able to buy from you.
  • Build A Loyal FAN Base. Create rabid promoters who are ready to hire you, buy from you and create more fans for you. They will literally build your business or practice FOR you!
  • Use Blog Subscription Secrets.  This tip is revolutionizing permission marketing.  It’s a simple Idea that changed the way I looked at subscriber “opt-ins”.  I’m so pumped about this one that I even have a new piece of software being created to cash in on it.
  • Enjoy The Privileges Of Being A Recognized Publisher. Before you know it you’ll find other great writers asking to work for you, advertisers begging for favorable mentions in exposure in your publication, and complimentary invites to industry conferences and events.

Learn Hub and Spoke Email Marketing And List Building Secrets

  • Use Very Powerful “Inside Pressure” Techniques.  Used ethically, you’ll almost guarantee yourself a minimum number of prospects that want to leave your list. Visitors are compelled to act on your offers.
  • Apply Neglected Offline Tactics.  These free or low cost tactics can be used by anyone to drive even more potential subscribers to any website.
  • Discover Why Hub and Spoke Marketers Have Such Large Qualified Email Lists. Oddly enough, if you ONLY use the first of 7 keys I teach you’ll be so far ahead of your competition, it will make your head spin.
  • Learn How To Train Your List!  Understand this and you’ll realize that most marketers are training their list by giving away freebies….the worst thing you can do.  Quit tripping yourself up and learn how to condition your email list for your success.

Seduce The Mind and Expand Your Wallet (Or Purse)

  • Seduce the Mind. Learn the 10 Key Psychological ingredients that drive human behaviors and how to include them in any web site.
  • Discover The Real Secret To 3rd Party Proof. And I’m not talking about jamming you pages with fluffy testimonials. I’ll show you how to leverage a Psychological Truth to explode the number of sales you get from any page.
  • Find Out How To Overcome Stalls and Sales Objections Before Your Prospects Visit Your Web Site. This one section will shock you when you realize what top marketers aren’t telling you about their sales pages.
  • Learn The Five Unasked Questions Every Visitor Has When They Visit Your Site. Learn how to answer these questions of the subconscious and you’ll convert a majority of your prospects!

Generate Passive and Recurring Income Streams

  • Learn Product Creation and Pricing Secrets. Learn a simple process that earns passive and recurring revenue for you and you affiliates with Hub and Spoke Web Sites.
  • Start Converting Traffic into Hot Prospects and Repeat Customers because you’ve learned the right way to build trust, inform and educate online with “Sales Page Secrets”.
  • Build A Complete Library Of Money Making Digital Assets and Services – that earn passive and recurring revenue for you and your affiliates with “single take”  Multimedia.
  • Completely Automate Your Business – So you can spend 20% of your time working and 80% playing.