How to Build A Big Email List

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Stuck with a tiny email list that generates ZERO leads, ZERO traffic and ZERO sales?

Learn how easy it is to get real people Who have Money to willingly give you their real email address and want you to communicate with them on a regular basis… without spending a penny!

IMPORTANT: (No, this has nothing to do with safe lists, email harvesting software, stupid redirection tricks, or money-wasting “exit exchange” traffic.)

Why is having your own “real and responsive” email list important?

  • Fact: It doesn’t matter if your business is online or offline, your email list will always be your most valuable asset.
  • Fact: The 80/20 rule applies to your email list, 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your existing email list.
  • Fact: Your email list is by far the best way to build the missing ingredient for online sales.  As you communicate with your email list, you build the trust that’s needed to guarantee sales.
  • Fact: Without your own large email list or affiliate network you’ll have to pay through the nose for any sort of traffic to your web sites.
  • Fact: Having a responsive email list is always more important than having a big email list.
  • Fact: Having a “real” email list is the biggest challenge facing marketers today.
  • Fact: There are only two kinds of email lists; yours and someone else’s.  You can get a sale with both, but having your own email list guarantees your sales and huge profits over time.

If you don’t have a good email list or you are relying on advertising or joint venture deals with other email list owners, then you’re not really building your own business, you’re building someone else’s and buying ad space.

Your email list and contacts is the one thing that can’t be copied online.  Any competitor with a little bit of money behind them can quickly duplicate any business.  This may have already happened to you!

While anyone can copy your products, your web sites, the technology that you use or your approach to doing business, there’s one thing that will always set you apart.

Your Contacts and Email List!  

If you don’t already have a great email list you better start one.  If you already have one you better make sure it’s full of the right kind of subscribers and email addresses. I’m going to tell you about a tested and proven system I’ve developed that stuffs my email list with a stampede of laser focused, interested and targeted cash in their pocket customers – quickly, without spending a penny! If you’re a small business owner, independent professional or internet marketer, I think you’ll be interested in discovering how my system can help you:

  • Start To Build a Bigger Email List…
  • Guarantee The People That Join Your Email List Have Money and Really Want To Be On Your Email List …
  • Get Those Email List Members Hungry To Hear What You Have To Say …
  • Convert Those Email List Subscribers Into Rabid Evangelists…
  • Build Your Online Business Bigger – Faster…

Here’s just a sample of what’s in store:

You’re about to learn our natural “List Mesh” formula doesn’t cost anything to use, works like a charm and is easy to implement.  It’s a solid proven process that increases the size of your email list – in easy to implement steps plus…

  • The first five steps every business owner needs to do…before you start looking for a single email or contact.  As the number one reseller for the #1 contact management software company in the world, I know from  experience that 1 in a 1000 does this right.
  • The difference between an email list and a contact list and why you should build both even when you consider yourself exclusively an Ezine publisher. If you are an Internet only business I’ll show how you can turn contact lists into multiple streams income streams.
  • Why you’re having trouble with traditional and standard “subscriber grabs” and “subscription popups”. If you’re have trouble getting qualified prospects to ask you for more information, I’ll show you how to turn  that around in a couple of days.
  • Why doing what everyone else is doing hurts your chances of building an email list or contact list that works for you.
  • A simple strategy building exercise that exposes the psychology of subscribers.  Once you understand why someone would ask for your help, you’ll find it easy to compel visitors to provide their email address.
  • The seven keys to building your email list. Oddly enough, if you ONLY use the first key you’ll be so far ahead of your competition, it will make your head spin.
  • The affiliate list builder strategy.  This is the second fastest way to build your email list…. and worst utilized by most marketers. Understand this one strategy and your email list will take on a live of its own.
  • A simple, very powerful “shock and awe” technique that psychologically requires your visitors to act on your offers. Used ethically, you’ll almost guarantee yourself a minimum number of prospects that want to leave your list.
  • 10 easy ways to leverage “Other Marketers” email lists.  I’m not talking about joint ventures here, you haven’t seen this unique strategy before.
  • How to turn the people on your email list into paying customers!
  • How to train your list!  Understand this and you’ll realize that most marketers are training their list by giving away freebies….the worst thing you can do.  Quit tripping yourself up and learn how to condition your email list for your success.
  • 10 easy ways to leverage “Your Own Subscribers” email lists. Another powerful strategy that has nothing to do with “tell a friend ” programs.
  • How to use free resources that remove all the hard work!  
  • How to change your thinking from ‘got to make a sale’ to ‘got to build my email list’ and then leveraging that list into a steady stream of targeted subscribers and qualified prospects.

This is powerful stuff and easy to implement on your site!


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