How to Build A Membership Site

If you’re selling courses online or want a paid membership site, you need to have the Right Kind of Membership Site as your Learning Platform.  You need a FullContact Campus.

Do you know what a FullContact Campus is and how to set one up?

Selling courses is what I’ve been doing for the last 30 years starting in the 80′s with my personal mentor Bob Proctor. Since 1996 the majority of those course have been “Sold and Delivered Online” which gives me a unique perspective on what it takes to to attract, enroll and train great clients today.

So if you’re a coach, speaker, trainer or expert that wants to get paid for more than your services and start enjoying the real freedom being self-employed can bring you need to update the tools you’re already working with.

During my years of selling courses online I tried and tested some of the coolest and most effective ways to teach and train my customers. I was at the forefront of many of the ideas that are common place today.. Membership Sites, Blogging, Multimedia Training, Podcasting, Internet Radio Stations just to name a few… I learned the secrets to making online training that works easy and as a result I have a lifelong list of customers.

Before My Time

I sold one of the first course on Blogging (Blogging Secrets 2002 well before WordPress), Created 52 Multimedia ebooks (when most authors and trainers where still just writing books) and authored over 1000 online video tutorials that became the content for one of the first “Social Membership Sites” (MySmallBizUniversity and the Internet Marketing Video Library which was well before Facebook).

But the thing that I’m most proud of is something more than a course and some membership sites. It’s my FullContact Campus – at unique platform that does much more that take membership payments and serve up content. It’s a Learning Platform the allows you to actually teach your clients and students online and them make the learning accountable. Structured courses, lessons and lesson topics, assignments, quizzes, and certification is all included (plus a whole lot more).

The purpose of this Webinar is to give you an introduction and tour of the a FullContact Campus. You may know know about WordPress and event traditional membership sites, and perhaps you have some questions about why a Campus is different and whether if it’s for you or not.

I’ll give you a concise overview of what’s included with a FullContact Campus, how it works and how it can help you build a loyal tribe of lifelong students with a fraction of the effort and technical struggles.

Agenda of the Webinar

  • The 4 Key Principles of Requirements for an Online Learning Campus
  • Why You Need More Than A Membership Site
  • Introduction to the FullContact Campus – An Overview of All the Tools And Resources
  • How To Remove all The Technical Hurdles So You Can Focus On the Training Content
  • How To Create, Package and Promote Any Course Idea You May Already Have
  • Questions and Answers

If you’d like to attend this webinar just register and you’ll be enrolled. You’ll be taken to a page with the webinar access information. Remember, this webinar will not be recorded, so please mark your calendar and prepare to attend live.

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By James

… the founder of as well as the author of the Blogging Secrets. James also runs a WordPress Marketing Integration Service that Provides Unlimited WordPress Marketing Support