How To Profit With Minicourses

Qualify Leads and Build Relationships With MiniCourses

Minicourses are the easiest and most lucrative to generate targeted traffic to you business.   They are part of a system that once setup will work non-stop for as long as you want.  That’s right, once an effective minicourse is in place — it works forever and builds your business indefinitely.

The Minicourse Profits course teaches you why and how to setup your own system that automatically brings in profits around-the-clock. You’ll discover things like.

  • A quick and easy, 4-step system that anyone can use to create a profit pulling minicourses that automatically work for you.
  • A ready-made minicourse lesson format you can use to simply “fill-in-the-blanks” to create order-producing minicourses that pre-sell your customers on your larger products and services.
  • A drop dead simple way to create minicourse sequences.  You’ll learn how to create minicourses from your daily activitites and never have to struggle for course ideas again.

How to remove the need to create or write all of the content yourself — in fact, you don’t need to write any of it, if you don’t want to.   This incredible tactic is the one that has allowed me to create over 62 individual courses and over 1000 lessons.

This manual is “short, sweet and to-the-point.” 90 minute course filled with rock-solid content. Every video has a powerful idea. Everything is laid out in a detailed, easy-to-understand system that you really can begin using immediately.

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