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As a MySmallBizU Student you’re also an Affiliate with the opportunity to earn monthly commissions by just telling your friends and business contacts about MySmallBizU.

This done for you marketing system makes it easy to get paid using some simple steps and the tested resources and tools we provide you with.

Just Share The Courses!

Take this course to learn how affiliate marketing works and how to use our ready to go sites, links, graphics and tools.

You’ll Learn

  • How the Affiliate Marketing Process Works
  • The Different Types of Affiliate Marketing Income Streams
  • How To Earn Money As A FullContact Affiliate Marketer
  • How To Login and Use the Affiliate Tracking Software
  • How To Join Our Marketing Campaigns
  • Understand How Your Affiliate Links Work
  • How To add Affiliate Links To Your Sites and Emails
  • How To Use Affiliate Images and Banners
  • How To Use Your Free Affiliate Web Sites
  • How To Read Your Affiliate Income Tracking and Income Reports
  • How To Use An Autoresponder As An Affiliate
  • How To Use Social Media As An Affiliate
  • How To Blog As An Affiliate

Getting Started

Below you’ll see download links for any resources associated with this course and links to every lesson. Most courses follow a step-by-step progression that guides you through each part of the course. In addition some lessons may include assignments and quizzes to be completed before the next lesson becomes available.

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Course Materials

  1. Step by Step Video Tutorials
  2. Free Web Site
  3. MindMap Cheat Sheet
  4. Complete List of Tools and Resources

Course Content

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… the founder of as well as the author of the Blogging Secrets. James also runs a WordPress Marketing Integration Service that Provides Unlimited WordPress Marketing Support