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Learn How To Create A Profitable WordPress Blog With the WordPress 3.7

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No technical expertise required – these step-by-step video tutorials are designed specifically for beginners and intermediate WordPress Users.

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Would you like to know how YOU too can build profit pulling niche blogs? My latest series “WordPress 3.7 Videos” will teach you exactly just that.

Hi. James Maduk here, the author of Blogging Secrets and all of the other videos available with FullContact Sites Managed WordPress Hosting Membership. I’ve been blogging since 2001 and since that time I’ve setup and torn down more blogs than a demolition expert.

More importantly MY CUSTOMERS have set up more Blogs and RSS feeds than I can possibly keep track of. In fact many of my first customers have published their own books on Blogging since watching my videos.

In the last 4 years I’ve authored over 1000 small business marketing videos. The kind of step-by-step and easy to follow training sessions that literally ‘take you by the hand’ so you are in complete control. The bottom line is that you are going to learn exactly what you need to know AND how to do it!

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Download the Interactive PDF Checklist

Download the PDF Checklist

WordPress Niche Blogs…
While Blogging may not have reached the main stream for the public, the use of a WordPress Blog is the hottest marketing marketing tool available nowadays. In the overly crowded and competitive field of internet marketing, marketers have started to branch out into niche markets with the help of niche sites that pulls in cash like crazy for them.

This WordPress Master Video shows you EXACTLY how to set up your very own WordPress Blog site without…

…all the work goes into building a niche site, such as keeping track and updating the links every time a new article is added, not to mention getting the search engines to visit your site.

A WordPress Blog is the ideal way to build your online business, just look at what’s covered.

If you’re stuck without our Managed WordPress Hosting services, we’ll even show you how to download and preparing your existing web hosting account to get ready for the WordPress Software installation!

Watch over 25 Free Step By Step WordPress Videos and Learn: Setup, Configuration, Customization and Posting.  You’ll learn everything you need to start Blogging Today!  After WordPress is installed you’ll know:

  1. How To Change The Look and Feel Of Your WordPress Blog With Themes
  2. How To Edit Themes To Customize Them For Your Site
  3. How To Write Your First Post
  4. How To Edit All Of Your Posts
  5. How To Write And Then Edit WordPress Pages – Hint This Is One Of Word Press’ Most Powerful and Underutilized Features
  6. Organize your Posts With Categories
  7. Learn How To Harness the power of Links
  8. Edit & Manage Link Categories
  9. Advanced Posting Strategies and Link Strategies
  10. How To Add A PodCast To Your Post
  11. Extend Your WordPress Blog With Free Plugin Software
  12. Easily Tweak Your WordPress Installation With These Options
  13. Interact With Your Fans and Business Community With These Discussion Features
  14. Learn how to manage and control blog spam
  15. Add Users and Manage Permissions
  16. Make Your Blog Irresistible To Search Engines With This Simple Tweak
  17. Save Your Time and Effort Import Your Existing Blog Posts
  18. BookMarklets and Advanced Posting Techniques For Quick Profit Posts.
  19. Automatically Add Revenue Producing Amazon, Yahoo, Chikita, Adsense and Kontera Ads to EVERY Post And Page.
  20. Setting Up Your RSS Feeds

By James

… the founder of MySmallBizU.com as well as the author of the Blogging Secrets. James also runs WPBlogSupport.com a WordPress Marketing Integration Service that Provides Unlimited WordPress Marketing Support