MFS-14: Setup 3rd Party Buy Now Links

Using a 3rd Party as your credit card gateway? Watch as I create and then insert a "buy me" link into an order page.

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Description: There are a number of good credit card gateways. If you don’t have your own merchant account or don’t want the hassles of getting one, take a good look at Paysystems or 2 Checkout.

Paysystems and 2 Checkout will work as a standalone shopping cart or with most other shopping cart systems like, QuickPayPro or 1 Shopping Cart.

Make sure to have a full understanding of what your current and future payment processing requirements will be.  I can tell you that what I started off with isn’t even close to resembling what I"m using today.  As your requirements change so must your ability to take payments so make sure what ever you decide is flexible.

The Taking Payments Online course in the "Get Setup" section of the Videos Menu has more information on Accepting credit cards online and the differences between credit card processors and credit card gateways.


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