MFS-17: Hide Files and Directories From Prying Eyes

Build My First Web Site – Hide Files and Directories From Prying Eyes

: Screen Capture and Audio Session

Duration: 15 Minutes

Description: This is quick trick that lets you hide files and directories from prying eyes.  It’s especially useful when you are selling digital goods like ebooks which your paying customers download from your website.

I’ll show you how to set up your web server so that you can stop visitors browsing your folders and how to stop search engines from finding private files on your site.

While this is a quick fix, it’s not the only or best way to protect content online.  For example has an automatic digital delivery system build right into the software.  If you sell an ebook or other digital product the software creates a private and temporary download page for every indivdual customer.  When a successful sale is made the system automatically sends an email to the buyer with the download link.

You don’t have to worry about creating or managing the hidden links the work is done for you.


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