Closed Loop Blogging System

A Simple Closed Loop Blogging System

Duration: 22 Minute Screen Capture

Description: RSS and Blogs can be a blessing to your subscribers and a curse to your bottom line as a marketer. The reason is simple. A lazy marketer who relies on standard Blogging tools quickly realizes that it takes too much time to make interesting posts.

On the other hand if they don’t personally post they have lost control of the their most sacred asset. Their voice!

There is a simple fix though. A closed loop Blogging System that makes it quick and easy to post relevant posts to as many blogs as you want. In this example I’ve used the following free tools.

  1. LiveWriter – Free From the Microsoft Site
  2. Windows Essentials РFree From the Microsoft Site
  3. A WordPress Blog – FullContactSites Managed WordPress Hosting
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer – Free From Microsoft.

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The First Sites You Should Launch

If You’re Just Getting Started and Don’t Know What To Do….

Running Time: 18 Minutes

Description: I had an interesting conversation last night, one that let me to do this video today. There is still too much confusion when it comes to starting online, you know, getting those first couple of dollars into your pocket so you can say…

I have a web site that generates some online income!

Of course there’s more involved in having a real online business. That’s why you get so much information, the right tools, coaching and hands’ on support when you decide to unlock all the videos.

A little bit of passion in an existing market, and a couple of mintues is all you need to get started. But… you have to take the steps, no one is going to do it for you.

Start a blog, unlock the videos and join the community of marketers that are living the lifestyle they want online.

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