Stupid Membership Ideas

Description: This has got to be the worst idea for membership site owners!

I got a lot of feedback from my first rant about membership sites – and the crappy membership sites that are heading our way. How do I know they’re coming?

I got an offer today that confirms my suspicions. The business model being touted in the offer is of course….

The way to succeed online is "Multiple Membership Sites"

Yeah sure! Of course if you buy the software that they are selling in order to run them. 🙂

Listen in as I explain the Hub and Spoke Marketing approach to Membership sites in today’s quick session.

Resources: Joomla Membership Sites

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Are Big Physical Home Study Kits Dead?

Description: Hopefully you’ll take this 10 minute audio seriously. I like looking for trends in business. Not to create them but rather profit from them. And that’s what got me started thinking today about the "thud factor".

Often referred to as the back end product this big physical high profit, high price tag package of information is the holy Grail for Internet marketers. Often these heavy home study kits are created by kludging all your other products together or creating a physical copy of a past event like a seminar, with transcriptions of the event and DVD’s of the edited footage.

Many old school marketers swear by the big physical home study package – I think they are dead! Listen in as I explain how my record collection lead me to this conclusion.

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Really Crappy Membership Sites

Description: Get Ready for a ton of Crappy Membership Sites!

Listen in on today’s rant as I explain how to avoid wasting your money on really crappy membership sites. I’m covering both sides of the coin in this 10 minute audio.

When you should consider a membership site as part of your business and how to avoid paying for a membership at a site that won’t help you. You name it, I’ve been pitched on membership sites this week. Everyone with a promise of easy riches and quick success.

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A Dirty Marketing Tactic

This Marketing Tactic Really Bugs Me!

Every day I get at least one email from an information marketer how uses this dishonest approach in the hope that some unsuspecting prospect will buy from them today.

Stop Using This Marketing Tactic!

Running Time: 9 Minutes

Description: I’m not kidding when I say that this marketing tactic really bugs me. I personally get 1 -3 emails a day where the marketer is attempting to use this “False Pressure” tactic to hurry a purchase.

Creating urgency, real urgency in the mind of your prospect is pure science. In this quick podcast I go over the real way to that you can benefit from understanding how and why your potential customers will buy from you.


While every seller wants to have instant sales, there is a buying process that the prospect must go through before they are convinced. Putting pressure on clients from the outside has never been the way to create that buying compulsion.

In fact it’s the fastest way to create “buyers remorse”.

What most marketers don’t realize, and many experienced marketers fail to do is utilize inside pressure. Real reasons that the prospect already has – to make a decision today.

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