Two Types Of Web Site Buyers

Changing the Oil In My Car Changed the Way I Think About Web Sites. I had to get an oil change today… a regular purchase that car owners get done 3 or 4 times a year… and it changed the way I think about web sites. Find out why in today’s MySmallBiz Radio Podcast.

Big List Building Revealed

The Gold Is In The List! Is it? I’ve got a number of email lists. One of them contains 60,000 email addresses, another has 29,000 addresses and my final list contains approx. 3500 subscribers. Can you guess which list I guard more closely? If you are selling online you have to visit “Build My List”… Continue reading Big List Building Revealed

Build a Business or Earn A Living?

Back-Ending and Front-Ending While there is plenty of talk and information about online selling, internet marketing and topics like traffic, copy, conversion; one little piece is often forgotten. You have to build a business – selling products online isn’t enough! Take a long term view of your business and consider, the two ends – The… Continue reading Build a Business or Earn A Living?

Internet Marketing Secret 2

Over the next little while I’m going to share 52 Secrets with you. These secrets consist of ideas, processes, tactics and principles that do one thing – Show You How to SELL MORE. If for some reason you don’t need any more money, or perhaps you have too much business already, follow the instructions at… Continue reading Internet Marketing Secret 2

How To Be Lazy and Successful

Have you learned anything online yet? Noticed how some marketers seem to glide through business successes repeatedly while you push uphill and continue to struggle? Wondering why? I’ll answer that question and a lot more in today’s rant. This 7 Minute audio podcast answers the question that many ask about their online business? How can… Continue reading How To Be Lazy and Successful

Where Did All The Old Marketers Go?

I’m ranting today!   Have you ever wondered where all the old internet marketers have gone? I’ll answer that question and a lot more in today’s rant. This 7 Minute audio podcast gives you a simple way to check and see if the Internet Marketer that is bombarding you with his/her launch today actually has a business? Are you ready… Continue reading Where Did All The Old Marketers Go?