Local Search Traffic Tips

Local Search Traffic Tips

You may be missing out on a bunch of traffic in your local market.   The sad part is that it’s easy to get!  Watch this video and learn what a bit of work and 7 days can do for your local search engine rankings.

I’m working on a site that my wife Heather owns.  It’s called “Styled&Staged“, for her home staging business.  Until last week it was missing in action when searching for any of the home staging keywords and phrases for both local and global markets.   Heather is busy with the “home staging” and has no time or interest in working on her WordPress blog to get more business.

I thought I’d spend a couple of minutes to see what I could do using the search engine optimization strategies I teach in the Get Ranked 1st on Google course and the WordPress Mastery PDF eBook .

The 11 minute video introduces a number of concepts and ideas that you can use to quickly use to get more visitors and targed traffic directly to your site from local visitors.

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Easy Ways To Ruin Your Google Rankings

Running Time: 10 Minutes

Description: Want to get a get your Google Page Rank moved to zero and quickly decrease the number of qualified visitors that visit your sites?

Then follow these easy steps. In my book "Get Ranked First On Google" I warned marketers who used the two tactics that I discuss in this video that short term gain will always result in long term pain when it comes to Google.

When you understand what Google Wants it’s easy to get the rankings and traffic that you need to increase sales. So watch this video avoide the two easy ways to get in trouble with Google. Stay out of trouble and keep your traffic

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Don’t Count On Search Engine Traffic

Running Time: 12 Minutes

Description: Are you wasting your time trying to get search engine traffic? Even though I "wrote the book on Getting Ranked First On Google" it might not be such a great idea building your business by relying on search engine traffic.

Find out if search engine optimization is the right strategy for you in this 12 minute whiteboard training session.

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