Are Your Digital Assets Being Stolen?

Decide What You Want Stolen… Before It Gets Stolen

Description: You may have heard me use the term “Digital Assets” before. As a publisher of information, your assets are for the most part digital.

And that’s part of the problem.

Digital information is easy to copy and easy to steal. Know that up front gives you a big opportunity that should not be missed. Decide up front what you want stolen and distributed digtitally… and what digital files you want to protect and charge money for.

There are some really interesting business models that can be developed as a result of locking your digital files. In fact multimedia is an easy type of asset to protect.

If you know that right way. Watch this video as I reveal some great services that should be at least considered as you start you online business.

Duration: 14 Minutes

Action Item: Open an account from one of these services to at least start protecting your content.


Stolen Products?

By James

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