Build Instant Sales Pages

Don’t Waste Your Time Selling Online!

I’m not kidding, I’m telling the truth, you shouldn’t spend too much time when it comes to the creation of sales pages. The actual web copy deserves the appropriate time for what is being sold ( there’s an entire course on sales page secrets later on) but the html pages that you use to dress up the web copy isn’t something that you should be fretting over.

Use frontpage or your HTML editor to create a sales page template, one that has the basic functions, like popups headers and footers, order pages etc already created.

This way you can simply add the web copy and tweak the images to get your sites up and running quickly.

Action Item: Save copies of sales pages that you like and build your own templates for squeeze pages, order pages, event announcements, and HTML emails with your HTML editor.

Duration: 5 Minutes

Sales Pages?

Add your list of fav sales pages and why you like them?  Did you buy from these pages?  Why?

By James

… the founder of as well as the author of the Blogging Secrets. James also runs a WordPress Marketing Integration Service that Provides Unlimited WordPress Marketing Support