Don’t Abuse Your Newsletter

Are you publishing an online newsletter? 

You should be!  Find out why in this secret.

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Visit "How To Start A Newsletter" for more information on starting your very own newsletter.

By James

… the founder of as well as the author of the Blogging Secrets. James also runs a WordPress Marketing Integration Service that Provides Unlimited WordPress Marketing Support


  1. James

    Hi! Still working on the videos but moving ahead faster. Looking in your “Acitivities for the First 7 Days” map I found some errors I thought you would want to know about.

    Your “How to Start a Newsletter” link goes to a dead end. It was the last in the list of “maps”. Your “Achieve Your Goals” and your “Goals Worksheets” appear to have the same PDF files in them. The worksheets are not in a separate PDF as far as I could see.

    In any event I’d rather be wrong than you not know of a possible problem. Peace. Will be in touch for a next step next week.


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