WordPress Marketing Support Call

WordPress Landing Page and Optin Builder Plugins

We covered quite a bit on todays call – traffic and lead capture – were high on the agenda as always.

You may notice some technical issues in the recording… a wanky connection during the start of the call, please stay tuned in as the quality improves as the call progresses.  I did mention some resources which I have included links to below.

Resources Mentioned

Joint Venture or Affiliate Email Example

I talked about giving your JV partner or affiliate the text to send to their subscribers as one of the easy ways to reduce the chances of the partner not carrying through and promoting your offer

Here’s the text.

This is an old example – please don’t get hung up on the copy but look at the format and structure.

YOUR NAME here, with a special offer that I’m sure you’ll
appreciate… You’ve never seen anything like this before 🙂

If you’ve been online for any length of time you’ll know that
building YOUR business online starts with ONE thing…

… your very own line of products where you keep 100% of the


If you’re one of those people, I have good news for you.

This time I have arranged a great deal with my friend
James Maduk. The author of 240 multimedia ebooks,
James is well know as an online selling expert and in
the use of multimedia. (he acutally has his own internet
radio station and TV Channel)

The odd thing about all the training courses and ebooks
that James has created is the fact that he has never
covered a topic that might have seemed obvious – UNTIL NOW!

Last week clients asked him how he was able to create
240 ebooks in under one year – so he took the afternoon off
and created an ebook on…… How to create audio ebooks!

It’s called “Voices Into Profits”  How to Create, Author,
Sell and Distribute Audio Ebooks in Only Minutes!

I’ve made arrangements with James for a special offer
for you only.

You can check it out here:



I guarantee you that you’ve never seen an ebook like this
before. (It’s real training, not just transcribed text and
links to an audio file)  This training is jam-packed with
original never seen before ideas, tips and step-
by-step instructions on how anyone can create audio – and
multimedia products in only minutes.

Even if you are camera shy and don’t want to say a thing!

You’ll discover how to turn your interests into cash
and customers for life, with very little effort on your

“Voices Into Profits” is written for newbies, as well as for the
more experienced marketers… so you’ll find something
useful in it to create your own line of products in only minutes.

==> Without Writing A Thing

This Ebook contains 4 hours of online training, pure substance
on exactly how you can create big profits with your own products.
Every info-publisher should have a copy of this multimedia ebook.

But this is not all…

There’s three special bonuses attached to the book!

Clcik Here For Details

The key to the real success your business has been
missing can be on your own computer in the next 5

I don’t know how long this offer will be available so if
you want to have your own line of unique profit pulling products
and the ultimate advantage over your competition…

click here right now:


Listen, Watch, Learn, Profit!


This is just an example of course.. you can simplify it so that visitors are offered a special report or sent to a landing page that you have setup to capture email addresses.

Got questions?   Let’s talk about It in the group.